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Top 5 Ways to Stay Sane when you are a Stay-at-Home Parent

It is a universal fact that stay at home parents are usually more stressed out than working parents. At least all the stay at home parents will agree to this! Let’s admit it, between all the potty training, feeding, napping, playing, cleaning (and repeat); you are this close to pulling your hair out! You often feel the need to walk in sunshine and feel the wind in  your face, without having to deal with temper tantrums. Yes! Your little one is precious, but, he/she is also exhausting. So let me jump into my ‘Top 5 Ways to Stay Sane if you are a Stay-at-Home Parent’. (image courtest: 1. Use Every Opportunity to Relax Relaxing will keep you calm and focused. Be sure that you grab an opportunity to DE-stress. Relaxation can be anything that you like, meditation, yoga, reading, art, music, dance whatever it is that helps your nerves to settle down amidst the chaos of your life. Even if it is 5 minutes of shutting your eyes and lying still, be it!

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