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Introvert's Guide to 'Small Talk'

WHAT WILL I DO THERE?...... WHAT WILL I TALK ABOUT?......I DON'T KNOW ANYONE THERE!! If you find yourself saying these things before going to a social gathering, and your mind constantly screams ‘stranger danger’, chances are that you have 'Introvertism’. With this very common personality trait comes struggle. Struggle of meeting people, struggle of surviving in a crowd, struggle of being visible, struggle of getting out of the house, or simply the struggle of saying hi to a stranger. By definition introvert is someone who dislikes huge crowds and often regrets trying to meet new people. It can also be an individual's long lost interest of communicating with people just for the sake of making small talk... (Yes, this is my definition) If you are an introvert all you need is a few guidelines on how to get talking to a stranger. The magic trick here is making small talk!! What is small talk? Small talk is defined as any conversation that takes place

Roshni Waali Diwaali

This Diwali Lets go to our happy place and remember the true joy of Diwali.  Qurious Writer wishes you a joyous and safe Diwali 2017.  Watch the Video below and Don't forget to share.  Is Diwali Ek Aisi Jagah Chale Jaha Diye Jalte Hai Logo Ke Ghar Nahi Ek Aisi Jagah Chale Jaha Rishton Mein Mithhaas Ho Aapas Mein Karwahat Nahi Kyunki Diwali Ka Maza Tab Hi Aayega Jab Pyaar Zyaada Ho Pataako Ki Awaaz Kam… Apni Khushi Ko Dhuwe Me Udakar Kya Milenga Roshan To Diwali Ka Diya Hi Karta Hai Is Diwali Ek Aisi Jagah Chale Jaha Ye Roshni Jalti Rahe Logo Ke Dil Nahi...


This poem is written after the Las Vegas shooting when more than 50 harmless and free spirited people were shot dead and so many more injured. My heart aches to think about the rise in terrorism in our world. Be it any faith or religion, white, black or brown I condemn these acts and pray for world peace! In the name of faith They kill a mass of innocents For the sake of hate They do things that are inhuman They shoot for fun Then leave the mess It’s like red paint for them The blood that is shed Mercilessly snatching clothes from the covered And not covering the still and cold What in the name of god! Ruthlessness unfolds Humans we are and humans can be racist But devil has a new name He is now called terrorist So I wonder if these “people” have a heart or a soul. Do they feel pain or are they made of stone? Does it hurt when their blood is flown? Do they scream if they chip a nail? Do they fall sick and need someone to hold?

Quick Tips to Confidence

Confidence is your food for surviving this brutally judgmental society. When giving advice we always talk about how it is wrong to judge and generalize, and we have no trouble lecturing someone on morality! But let's face it. We all judge, we all cross our line and compare another individual with our own bar of expectations... In this becomes our necessity to make our mark and leave an impact...not to please someone but only to be barely visible… So if you are struggling with visibility, be it in a performance or in your everyday life, I will not tell you that it's okay, I am going to help you deal with it with confidence. Eye contact: Personally I hate it when someone does not look at me when I am talking to them.. that is when I start to is possible that you cannot make eye contact because you are not comfortable or just conscious about yourself. But for me often it comes off as just disrespectful. So if you are not making

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