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Top 5 Road Trip Tricks With a Toddler

So you have a vacation planned, and the most fun way to take a vacation is a road trip! At least we as a family love them. It’s economical, flexible, and lots of sightseeing. It all seems perfect when you decide to head out and start packing in a spur of the moment, until you realize that.. Hey! You are travelling with a toddler *shock face*
Now, a toddler is not just any child. A Toddler is a child that needs their own entire vacation schedule. It needs to be separate from the rest of the vacation planning and packing. Why is it so difficult then an elder child? Because toddlers are Demanding, Mobile, and Cranky. They are Independent in their own dependent way and not entirely verbally expressive.
So here I am, enlisting the ‘Top 5 Road Trip Tricks with a Toddler’, which have worked for me every single time.
1. Keep Comfort First
This is THE most important thing while making a road trip. Make the drive comfortable, what I mean by that is, travel in a spacious vehicle, which allows…

How to add Rating Scale to your Blog Posts

So this post is slightly different from my rest, I am making this post to help many of my followers who have asked me about my amazing rating scale feature on my posts!
In today’s times, we rely so much on ratings! And also it gives value to your posts. And hence, one of my adviser/friend gave me the idea of embedding a star rating scale on my blog (Thank you!). And that’s it; I dived in to research all about it. While I was researching, I found very few tutorials for this particular method. This method is so easy to install and use. So all my blogger friends let’s get learning!
1.Log on to

Go to your browser window and type the above URL,
2.Click on ‘GET MY FREE WIDGET’ button
On the home page you will see this yellow button, which reads GET MY FREE WIDGET. Click on the button.

3.Choose the platform of your choice (for example I chose ‘Blogger’)

Once you click the button, a variety of platform icons will be displayed. Click on the platform of your choice from the …

Top 5 Things Mumbai Taught Me

5 Things Mumbai Teaches Us

We have always heard of the phrase “Home Is Where the Heart Is”, but how do you determine where to locate that! It is simple. If you keep comparing your favourite place to everything you see, everywhere you go and everyone you meet then you know that no other place is good enough for you. Every city has an aura to it, and every place you live in has something to teach you. So I am a Mumbaikar and very proudly so. No matter how much I try I cannot shake the bond I have with the city. I know there are so many things written about this magical but busy city, but I feel I can contribute significantly to the lot. Let me try by focusing on the skills Mumbai teaches us.
1. The World Famous Potholes:
These Mumbai potholes have made their mark on the world. It wasn’t long ago that they were all over the news with a viral video to the subject. These have become an integral part of the city. They are so many that they have outnumbered the population in Mumbai. But what …

I Will Call It Independence When...

I Will Call It Independence When...
This is the most cliche question..has India found independence yet? In theory, yes we have, so many years ago...but in a country where newspapers are filled with hate crimes and rape cases, do we have the right to celebrate Independence Day? In my opinion, No!
I'll call it independence when a girl can walk fearlessly I'll call it independence when a boy is allowed to cry I'll call it independence when old age is cherished, not burdened I'll call it independence when youth is the voice of the hour I'll call it independence when animals don't represent communalism And when colours don't start a war I'll call it independence when politics is less dirty And the public utilities cleaner
When ‘under the table’ is easy  And PDA is wrong When potholes can't be filled And it's proven by a viral song!
Happy Independence day they say How come their independence is different in so many ways?
We are the land of the brave We are cap…

Kuch Kar Dikhao!

Ediyon ke neeche rishton ko kuchal Kar Kya pa loge ujaalon ke diye bujhakar Kya paa loge
Khud se nigaahen milakar dekho zara Apni hi nazron see bachke kaha jaoge
Zindagi jeene ke liye bani thi tumhaari Saari Umar baith baith tumne guzaari Soch me doobey rahe tum Kuch Kar ke kab dikhaoge
Kabhi samay ko kosa Kabhi logo ko Kabhi Kuch kami thi ya kuch sahi nahi Khudse daud lageyi hai Ab rukkar tham kab jaoge
Waqt nikal raha hai Tumhaare haath me nahi Jaago ab Zara Shaam dhAlne lagi Kuchto tum kaho Kuch karke kab dikhaoge?

A Man with a Womb

She is just a regular girl, With a little twist She thinks straight to the point No shiny things on her wrist
She dresses in girly clothes But she is comfortable in her brother’s She has a rough pigtail tied back She knows no style another. She can’t whisper, She is way too loud You will spot her with the guys Among the sports crowd
She wears little makeup Most of it is enforced Find her with the jersey With her favorite team endorsed
Her appetite is like a horse Many slices of pizza with soda, of course She sits back with her guys to play Xbox By the couch you might find her soccer socks
She hikes, she camps, she is not afraid of the dark She chooses sky diving instead of the park Her interests exclude malls and shopping Neither does she like any kitchen chopping
She is different and yet unique in her own way And hey! Why should she bother what others say? She is pretty like the girls but also logical like the guys She could be smarter than most in the room She has the best of bot…

Resume Of a Father

Resume of a Father

When I started searching my partner for life, I always wanted a guy who would be great with children. Believe it or not, the girls out there would want someone who can in the future make a great father. It could become the reason why women fall in love with their spouse/ significant other all over again.
Being a mother for 15 months now, I can tell that the only thing that makes me smile, in the midst of all the crazy hustle bustle of my day to day drama, is when I see my husband and my LO (little one) play, laugh and make mischief together. This bond spreads all the love in our small family.
The question here would be, how would you know if the guy you are considering is good father material? Well there are some signs you may notice way before having children of your own! Let’s see what the resume should have.
1. The Mischief Maker:
If your partner is always up to a prank, or is into pulling-the-leg- business, chances are they will turn out to be great with children. …

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