Part 3- Body Shaming: The Bully and the Victim

It's all over the media, if you simply Google body shaming you get soooooooo many case studies. People are testifying against body shaming, and that is a big step towards a respectful world. All being said and done, the number of people feeling shamed is alarming. Knowing or unknowingly you have body shamed someone at some point in your life. Even I am guilty of this crime, of course, only until I became aware and enlightened that this is actually a social problem, and it is much greater than just simply passing a comment. 
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While researching all the people who are shamed, I came across some cases that just left me speechless, and also I felt sorry for all the people who get into the act of shaming in the first place. Let me explain this with more description.
Who is shamed? The answer is EVERYONE!
Actors, sports people, celebrities, children, teenagers, working class, mi…

Part 2: What does Body Shaming Involve?

“Whether you're tall or shorter, or a little bigger, more curves, skinny you just have to be proud of what you have, and everyone is beautiful.”-Caroline Wozniacki (Danish professional tennis player)
This statement explains in a nutshell, everything I am fighting for! It's simple, whoever you are and however you look, be proud of it. That is the attitude that will bring you health, happiness and satisfaction for your body.
To all of those who are following my Body Shaming series, this is part 2. In the first part, ‘What is Body Shaming?’ we understood all about the concept (or trend) of body shaming, and some facts related to it. To all the new readers, you can read part 1 by clicking on the hyperlinks provided.
In this part, let's understand the types of body shaming. Yes, there are types! It is really upsetting, but it is true…without any buffer, let’s get straight to it!
1. Fat Shaming  Simply put, using the ‘F’ word- ‘F-A-T’, to communicate with someone or about someone.…

Part 1: What is Body Shaming?

Body shaming has become a new trend! Wherever you go, whoever you meet, you will find someone, somewhere complaining about the way their body looks. Chances are, you might find yourself doing the same thing, criticizing your body in front of others. Ever wondered why you feel the need to do that? Have you tried to stop and think where these thoughts come from? Mostly not!
Body shaming has ingrained in our society so deep that it is almost impossible to even pinpoint the roots, leave alone uprooting them. Each and every one of us is guilty of judging others (or ourselves) based on the way they look. It has become natural instinct because that is what we have heard and that is what we have learnt while we grew up in our society. I'm not saying we are bad people, I'm saying it's high time we say no to body shaming.
This subject has been on my mind for some time, and the more I read about it, more I feel the need to address this raging issue. Thus, I have decided to write it a…

How to Win an Argument Like a Boss!

For most of us, arguments are like battlefields, we often don't want to understand the other perspectives we just want to win. It's a fight for blood and honor (and ego!). It is natural, no no, not ideal, but natural human behavior.
See, the thing about argument is that, it only happens when you have already chosen a side. This verbal battle only starts, when someone else tries to choose the side you didn't choose. Then you want to convince or confuse them why your choice is the best for everyone.
This often last for a while, until one person has everyone’s agreement or frustration and walks out of the scene feeling like a lawyer...or better...a BOSS!
So let me take you through some tricks which will help you win your arguments like a boss…
Are you ready? Let's dig in.
1. Confidence is your Weapon

You will need a weapon, because this is a battle remember!? So choose confidence as your weapon. For most cases, you will choose to argue about something only if you already are …

Top 5 Ways to Stay Sane when you are a Stay-at-Home Parent

It is a universal fact that stay at home parents are usually more stressed out than working parents. At least all the stay at home parents will agree to this!
Let’s admit it, between all the potty training, feeding, napping, playing, cleaning (and repeat); you are this close to pulling your hair out! You often feel the need to walk in sunshine and feel the wind in  your face, without having to deal with temper tantrums.
Yes! Your little one is precious, but, he/she is also exhausting. So let me jump into my ‘Top 5 Ways to Stay Sane if you are a Stay-at-Home Parent’. (image courtest:
1. Use Every Opportunity to Relax
Relaxing will keep you calm and focused. Be sure that you grab an opportunity to DE-stress. Relaxation can be anything that you like, meditation, yoga, reading, art, music, dance whatever it is that helps your nerves to settle down amidst the chaos of your life. Even if it is 5 minutes of shutting your eyes and lying still, be it! Or a simple doodle on a scr…

Are You Really Depressed? Myths and Facts

Your fast paced life sometimes brings you down, your relationships may seem stressed out at times, often at work you might feel unaccomplished because you have been saturated for so long, and the pressure of studying can feel so overwhelming at the moment; guess what? You are not alone. These things happen to most of us at some point in our lives. Regularly or rarely, varying in the intensity and situations, but most of us manage to deal with it and find some comfort somewhere. Unfortunately, some of us, nearly 300 million people around the globe (as per WHO) cannot ‘DEAL’ with it by themselves, they often need lots of support from family and medical help. “I am depressed!” has somehow become a casual phenomenon, leaving those who actually suffer depression feeling left out and neglected (and they already have many more negative emotions within). What is depression? “Depression is more than just sadness. People with depression may experience a lack of interest and pleasure in daily acti…

5 Ways to Help Your Child to Feel Safe and Secure

Our world is slowly falling apart! With everything wrong that is going on around the globe, we start to feel a little scared and anxious. In times like these, we always cling on to our loved ones, we keep them close and stay in touch because we trust them and feel safe around them. This is the nature of relationships!
If we as adults get anxious easily, think about our little ones...they are yet to understand the troubles of the world and their mind is still so fragile, even our little actions impact them to an extent that we cannot imagine.
Our task as adults/parents is to raise children who are instilled with the belief that they are safe and secure, so that they can develop the confidence to face the challenges of the world. If they grow up fearless, then they will be able to take fearless decisions later in life.
So for all the good reasons, I am sharing with you 5 things that help your child feel safe and secure. Let's get started.
1. Hugs and Kisses! This is my number one, l…