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Be The Woman you Know you can be!

Be the woman You know you can be
Enjoy the air The sun at the sea
Don't fret about fear Don't fear about fair
Just run the race And show that you dare
Because hey you! You are amazing.. You can be a soft petal But also a fire blazing!
You will find everything you want Right inside of you You will be anything you want When your time is due
I believe you are made for great things You will ace at what life brings
It doesn't matter where you are It doesn't matter what your role
Without you there will be no creativity And all homes will be a hole
You have your own persona Bring it out Make it shine
Don't let anyone talk you into being someone you yourself may not like!
So please, try to gaze at what I see Look inside! you a capable of greatness Be the woman you know you can be..
Be happy! Be beauuuuuuutifil...

Happiest Women's Day to each and everyone of you!

- Qurious Writer 😘

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