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7 Tried and Tested Ways to Potty Train your Child

Potty Training!! If you cringed at these terrifying words, then you are in the same boat as me. Potty training is probably the most feared and difficult phase of the parenting life. Even though it is a skill that toddlers will learn eventually, to parents it's a phase that needs so much work and dedication. Just when you thought, that the diaper changing days are over; the accident cleaning and sanitizing days knock you on the head. That's what we always think right? When they grow older it will all be better. Unfortunately, as they grow older they demand more attention, time, commitment and love. Often in the phase of potty training, we forget that the child is much more petrified than us because this is a very new experience for them. It is important that they accept this change while taking away happy memories from it. This learning is something they will sustain for life because they will use the potty for as long as they live. It's not like math! If th

Top 5 Reasons Why Handwritten Letters are Important

This recently happened to me: “I returned in the evening, somewhat tired and somewhat in a hurry to end the day and get some peace from the daily chaos (read toddler issues), I checked my mail before I went upstairs, and I found something so beautiful waiting  in my mailbox, along with the usual junk mails that my daughter uses as canvas for her art! I saw a handwritten envelope with my name and address, with the most beautiful stamp I have ever seen; at that moment, I jumped, (literally), and my chaotic day was overcome with the feeling of glee and gratitude. I went home, carefully tore the envelope and saw a letter from someone special, who had taken the time to make my day special as well. It's been a few days since I received this mail, but I have it up on my refrigerator and I read it every day and I feel ecstatic.” What's so amazing about this really small letter? There is nothing that I have not read before or nothing that this person couldn't have sai

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