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Be the Change You Want to See!

When I open the news app on my smart phone, My heart gets shattered My faith is torn The stories are horrific I cannot digest Teenagers commit suicide Coz a blue whale suggests! Innocent little girls were assaulted and killed That became our routine information But innocent little boys are getting in line It's not about gender and sexuality It is all about education Helpless women harassed and raped And all those criminals have successfully escaped Where are the heroes masked and caped? Do they exist; or are they fake? Just like our government The one we make! Streets aren't safe after sunset But dint a husband kill his wife at home? School is a step to upliftment What about the dead boy on the washroom floor? They killed a poor man because of his religion They killed another because of his region They killed a woman for being just a woman They killed another because she was fighting for the right summon Look

How to Add Social Media Icons to Blogger

Your blog is all set up and you are on track with writing your posts and publishing them on social media. You are marketing on various media platforms in an attempt for your posts to get visibility. But how will people know you are alive in those platforms? That is when these social media icons come in! Become so much a part of your blogging world that you will barely see any websites without them. These icons are generally linked to your social media pages/profiles. This feature enables your readers to follow you and keep and update of your posts on the platform of their choice. While it can be complicated and scary to dive into the core coding for getting this crucial feature on your blog, it does not have to be. I have tried and tested a few methods, but the one I am about to teach is THE simplest of all. So without any further hesitation let me show you ' How to Add Social Media Icons to Blogger'. 1. Keep the icons ready You can either create your own

Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Fall

Fall (or autumn some might call it) is a beautiful time of the year. You may choose to agree or disagree, but hey when you take that walk in your parking lot and some dry leaves crush under your feet, you do feel a little bit of joy. The long drives can be so much better when it is no more the old boring green, and there is a touch of gold to the leaves. It's amazing how there is so much poetry in the air when it's the fall season! But who are we kidding here? We all know the things we hate about Fall! The end of summer, the viruses, the soon- arriving -murderous winter! So let’s discuss some super ideas about how we can make our “Fall Life” better. Let me present you with the ‘Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Fall’ . Let’s jump in! 1. The Sneezy Viruses Yessss! Fall is here..and so is *aaaaachhhoooo*. Probably this is the sound you will hear a lot this season. There are going to multiple allergies and viruses around just waiting to hug you tight and say “Happy

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