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Question You Must Ask on Your First Date

The butterflies in your stomach, the surprise element, the nervousness, the excitement...and the newness! This is precisely how we all feel when we meet a “might become a special person” for the first time. But how would you decide that? This article focuses on the questions you must ask on your very first date before you go any further. These questions are focused towards both men and women alike. Why this is important? You might ask!...because one bad relationship is not the end of the world. It is true, but i strongly believe that, every second wasted is a second lost forever, and you don't want to lose it with the wrong person. If you are keen, you will find your right person. There is never a guarantee, but you know you tried. I consider a first date to be more or less like an interview where you are the employer and the employee both at the same time. The chances are you are applying for this job for job change, no midlife career have to work for

Introvert's Guide to AVOID 'Small Talk' (or any interaction whatsoever)

In my last article , we already covered introvert's guide to small talk. Those were helpful and easy and all great. But, what if you just want to skip that small talk all together? Or simply any kind of interaction whatsoever!  Not to be rude, but introverts hate small talk. Often they are victims of the awkward world of social gatherings, where someone or the other will try to approach/ introduce them to someone new. What many people don't understand is, that introverts DO NOT need someone to talk; they are so comfortable without knowing new people.  Introverts are just normal people who prefer staying indoors rather than partying outside. They go by the rule, two is company three (or more) is too much crowd. For most introverts, the world would be a better place if everyone was left in their room to read a good book! This article is related to my last article, but with a twist! I am going to give you some really easy tricks to avoid small talk without offending so

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