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Part 3- Body Shaming: The Bully and the Victim

It's all over the media, if you simply Google body shaming you get soooooooo many case studies. People are testifying against body shaming, and that is a big step towards a respectful world. All being said and done, the number of people feeling shamed is alarming. Knowing or unknowingly you have body shamed someone at some point in your life. Even I am guilty of this crime, of course, only until I became aware and enlightened that this is actually a social problem, and it is much greater than just simply passing a comment.  you are currently reading Part 3 of my Body Shaming series. To read part 1 and part 2 , simply click the hyperlinks. While researching all the people who are shamed, I came across some cases that just left me speechless, and also I felt sorry for all the people who get into the act of shaming in the first place. Let me explain this with more description. Who is shamed? The answer is EVERYONE! Actors, sports people, celebrities, children,

Part 2: What does Body Shaming Involve?

“Whether you're tall or shorter, or a little bigger, more curves, skinny you just have to be proud of what you have, and everyone is beautiful.”     -Caroline Wozniacki (Danish professional tennis player) This statement explains in a nutshell, everything I am fighting for! It's simple, whoever you are and however you look, be proud of it. That is the attitude that will bring you health, happiness and satisfaction for your body. To all of those who are following my Body Shaming series, this is part 2. In the first part, ‘What is Body Shaming?’ we understood all about the concept (or trend) of body shaming, and some facts related to it. To all the new readers, you can read part 1 by clicking on the hyperlinks provided. In this part, let's understand the types of body shaming. Yes, there are types! It is really upsetting, but it is true…without any buffer, let’s get straight to it! 1. Fat Shaming  Simply put, using the ‘F’ word- ‘F-A-T’, to communic

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