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Top 5 Ways to Express Love Everyday (not just on Valentine’s Day)

It’s that time of the year again! It’s all about love and romances everywhere. Whichever store you walk into, it looks like it has been washed with pink and red hearts and then sprinkled with roses! I don’t mean to kill the spirit of V-day, I love the decoration and the liveliness in the atmosphere, it does create a different mood. However, I don’t understand why V-day should be exclusively ‘the’ day to show someone how much you love them. Personally, I would rather express love in small and unique ways every day than wait an entire year and be clichéd about it. So this is me, sharing my ‘Top 5 Ways to Express Love Everyday (not just on Valentine’s Day)’. Here it goes for you beautiful lovers out there: 1. Be Funny Make them laugh. Laughing is literally the fastest way to reach someone’s heart. Think about it, don’t you love people who make you laugh? No matter who they are, you like to be around people who crack you up and lighten up your mood after a stress

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