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5 Crucial Adjustments newlywed couples HAVE TO make!

Congratulations!!! You are now married (or soon will be). It all feels so magical when you think about life after being someone’s spouse, and it is! It is an amazing learning curve, when you are able to independently make a life with another person. Needless to say, this will happen with a few ups and downs, a few disagreements and many make – up sessions. Maybe you don't know your spouse so well, maybe you know your spouse since you were a child; but marriage often divides time into before and after. It is a new life all together. Everything might seem the same the next day after you say ‘I DO’, except that, you have to share everything from now on, and I mean each and everything! (God help you, if you haven’t been the sharing type). It is just like they say before a roller coaster, “Brace yourselves, it is going to be a bumpy ride”. Your newly married life is just like the roller coaster ride; too short to fight rough and give up. To help you go through this ride I h

How to Master the Art of Saying "NO"

“Say No!! Come on, you can”! If this is how your conscience talks to you at every “I-must-say-NO-to-this” situation, then go on and read the entire article. You really need to. Saying no to someone or something is usually our most despised dilemma. As people, we feel the need to constantly make other people happy and that is why we often find it so tough to reject a proposition or a request. Why is it so important to say no? In these independent times, we are moving more and more towards assertion. Assertion is defined as, “A confident statement of your needs and beliefs” .  When you say no, you are being assertive; you stand up for yourself and your wishes. There is nothing wrong with that. If someone has the choice to ask a question, then you must reserve the right to say no to them if need be. It is only fair that way. If you say yes to everything then you become the scapegoat. Trust me! You do not want to be one of those. If you say yes half heartedly, you w

5 Things that Keep You Stress Free

We live in an age where there is no stopping. We often feel that pausing even for a second will cause a catastrophic damage to our day to day schedules. Studies prove that more and more people are reaching out to therapists, psychologists for the increasing level of stress and frustration one gathers overtime. It is important now than ever before to find our own quick fixes for stress, such, that don't need any expert aid. Let me share some of my teeny tiny stress buster methods, which go a long way. 1. Be an Early Bird. This might feel like a huge change for all those who love their last 5 minute sleep in the morning before kick-starting the day. But my advice to you is that the earlier you wake up the lesser you will rush, often this morning rush gets you exhausted, when you start your day you are already half down by stress only because you caught that 5 minutes of sleep. Once your alarm goes off, be sure to get up. We have all heard the saying, “You snooze; you l

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