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Sassy Comebacks for Body Shaming

Body shaming, body shaming everywhere. How much are you going to bare? Therefore, I bring to you sassy comebacks for all those nasty comments that the society has been throwing at you. This is the last and final part of my Body Shaming series, part 4; you can read part 1 , 2 and 3 , here . You don't always have to reply to the shamers, ignoring is the best policy; however, sometimes it gets too much to take and some verbal fight back is required. This is for yourself, to save your dignity and to shut down those who shame, thus discouraging them to be mean to someone else. The thing is, maybe they don't even realize that there is damage happening by their comment, thus sometimes, expressing that you're offended brings it to their notice. Once this is brought to their attention, 90% of these people will think before passing a comment next time, because most people want to be nice to others and are good at heart (at least I believe this!). So if you ever hap

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