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 “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”- Steve Jobs

This line pretty much sums up my persona. I am a fanatic believer of this quote. It resonates me, especially, because I am of the opinion that no one has the limitation to learning. We learn in our own way. Fast or slow, little or too much, but it is a never ending circle. Even though, I am smart, I can always use more knowledge to add to the smartness. It is never enough for me. I quest for newness and creativity.

Being a Capricorn by heart, I am a no drama person. I am more outspoken than you think I would be. I like quiet activities like, reading, writing, and watching movies. Nonetheless, I have a part of me that loves adventure. I am way too practical when it comes to decision making. I have a small set of close people, who I call “The Chosen Ones”. I think way too much, but thank god for that, because that’s how I write these smart and sassy write-ups.

I have put this blog together because I have been a wordsmith ever since I was a young teen, but it took me so long to take action, to bring it out to the world. I want my readers to feel connected to my words. My goal is to write the most effective articles in the simplest words, so that they touch my reader’s heart in the true sense. My blog is intended for all those free time writer, poets and readers who think that some day they want to let the world know what their opinions and values are.
In my blog I strive to include humour and puns as much as I can, because my general way of communication is sarcastic humour or fact based humour. My deepest fear would be if I write an article or a poem with zero humour. That would be the end of my world ;)

When you read my blog I can’t assure you of any wisdom because I have very little! But I can assure you that you will find some personally written content that will be your breath of fresh air. All my content is written first hand and only for the love of writing.

Why should you read my blog? Because I am your girl next door, I have lived my life just like you have. That’s why I know theoretical from practical, superficial from logical. What I say is common man’s day- to- day tale; I will be your voice to express your mind.

Out of all that I write my poems are my favourite. I love rhyming, twisting and turning words to make some rhythmic sense.

While I appreciate and thank you for taking the time to know me better, but, if you are bored reading all about me, go read some of my posts. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to Subscribe, Like and Share my link. 


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