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How to Win an Argument Like a Boss!

For most of us, arguments are like battlefields, we often don't want to understand the other perspectives we just want to win. It's a fight for blood and honor (and ego!). It is natural, no no, not ideal, but natural human behavior. See, the thing about argument is that, it only happens when you have already chosen a side. This verbal battle only starts, when someone else tries to choose the side you didn't choose. Then you want to convince or confuse them why your choice is the best for everyone. This often last for a while, until one person has everyone’s agreement or frustration and walks out of the scene feeling like a lawyer...or better...a BOSS! So let me take you through some tricks which will help you win your arguments like a boss… Are you ready? Let's dig in. 1. Confidence is your Weapon You will need a weapon, because this is a battle remember!? So choose confidence as your weapon. For most cases, you will choose to argue about som

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