Top 5 Ways to Express Love Everyday (not just on Valentine’s Day)

It’s that time of the year again! It’s all about love and romances everywhere. Whichever store you walk into, it looks like it has been washed with pink and red hearts and then sprinkled with roses!
I don’t mean to kill the spirit of V-day, I love the decoration and the liveliness in the atmosphere, it does create a different mood. However, I don’t understand why V-day should be exclusively ‘the’ day to show someone how much you love them.

Personally, I would rather express love in small and unique ways every day than wait an entire year and be clichéd about it.

So this is me, sharing my ‘Top 5 Ways to Express Love Everyday (not just on Valentine’s Day)’. Here it goes for you beautiful lovers out there:

1. Be Funny

Make them laugh. Laughing is literally the fastest way to reach someone’s heart. Think about it, don’t you love people who make you laugh? No matter who they are, you like to be around people who crack you up and lighten up your mood after a stress filled day. Making them smile is just not enough! We all smile at strangers too, laughing together creates beautiful memories and a strong bond too. Laughing out loud also brings down some walls, because we all become real when we are having a fit of laughter; no place for pretension. Bring your funny side up, and make your partner ROFL.

2. Share

We learned this when we were very young (and some of us had trouble learning it 😛). As we grow up, we need to relearn this beautiful act of sharing in a whole new context. It’s not just about your things anymore, it goes beyond. When I say share, I mean share everything!
Start with your feelings, but don’t stop there; your fears, your problems, your chores and everything around it too. We all have heard the quote ‘Sharing is Caring’ when you are in love this quote needs to realize, so act on it.
Fill your partner in every day with your daily shenanigans, share some of their workloads, share how you feel about something or someone (and be honest about it). The more you open up with your partner on a daily basis the more comfortable you get with each other.

3. Surprise Surprise

I’m not talking about the ‘Oh-My-God-This-Is-Huge’ kind of surprise; I’m talking about the ‘Aww- Thanks-For-Being-So-Sweet’ kind of surprises. Small surprises will make all the difference in the world. Things like leaving messages on a sticky note instead of telling, or slipping a treat in their bag that you know they will enjoy. Do their chores for a day; bring home their favorite ice-cream. Be creative with these tiny surprises only you can decide what your partner needs for the day. Be sure to aim for the ‘Aww’ in their occupied day.
These cute gestures will help you understand your partner better and vice versa. These dazzlers will add a spoonful of sugar to your relationship. This one is the best way to mean ‘I love you’ without even saying it. Be sure to try it.

4. Create Together  

Creating anything from scratch and working towards its completion gives a sense of satisfaction; it means so much more when you do it as a team with your significant other. Become creators along with each other. It could be anything, a meal, a project or simply a fun day; as long as it is done together. This will allow you and your partner to grow, learn and explore. You will achieve a sense of direction and achievement. At the same time, it won’t let your relationship become monotonous. Pick a project that interests both of you and work on it little by little every day.

5. Be Mindful

Be mindful in the most general sense! Check-in on them in the middle of the day; ask their opinion on various matters. Try to know your significant other more and more every day.  No matter how close or how old your relationship is there will always be something about your partner that you didn't know before. So make conversations have discussions and DO NOT forget to respect each other. Even if your relationship is 100 years old be sure to treat each other with respect. Say your sorry and show your appreciations, and do it every day. This point only urges you to be considerate, for example, let your partner snooze a 10 minute extra after a late and tiring night. That counts for being mindful for their needs; also you will definitely be treated well for this gesture. 😊

To wrap up, I will just say that it is important to show kindness and appreciation every day, which will say ‘I love you’ better than any once in a year love card. If you already do this, great!! If you don’t, then start this Valentine’s Day and keep going all year!

Aaaaaaand….don’t miss a chance to celebrate, so enjoy your V-day as well. Buy those flowers and chocolates and give them the surprise you have been planning for.

Tell me how you plan to spend your big V-day in the comments below. I am all ears.

Be in Love! Be happy always!


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