How to add Rating Scale to your Blog Posts

So this post is slightly different from my rest, I am making this post to help many of my followers who have asked me about my amazing rating scale feature on my posts!
In today’s times, we rely so much on ratings! And also it gives value to your posts. And hence, one of my adviser/friend gave me the idea of embedding a star rating scale on my blog (Thank you!). And that’s it; I dived in to research all about it. While I was researching, I found very few tutorials for this particular method. This method is so easy to install and use. So all my blogger friends let’s get learning!

1.       Log on to

Go to your browser window and type the above URL,

2.       Click on ‘GET MY FREE WIDGET’ button

On the home page you will see this yellow button, which reads GET MY FREE WIDGET. Click on the button.

3.       Choose the platform of your choice (for example I chose ‘Blogger’)

Once you click the button, a variety of platform icons will be displayed. Click on the platform of your choice from the options. For this tutorial, Blogger is chosen.

4.       Customize your widget from the box

You can customize the different categories like, Styles, Theme and Colors, Language and Font, Label, Stars, and Custom Text. I encourage you to try them out as per your liking.


5.       Check your customization in the live preview box
While you are customizing your widget, you can preview how it will look on your website in the box next to the customization box. So you have the convenience of making changes as and how you like it.

6.       Click Sign up or Sign in

In order to get the widget, you will have to Sign Up or Sign In to the Rating Widget website. In order to do that, simply click ‘Sign Up’ if you are visiting the site for the first time OR ‘Sign In’ if you already have an account.

7.       Click Add to Blogger
Once you are done with the previous step, click on the button that reads ‘Add to Blogger’.
If you are an expert in HTML, and prefer working with the code, click ‘Show Source Code’ button to get the HTML code.

8.       Select  the blog where you want to add the widget

When you click on the ‘Add to Blogger’ button, blogger will open a new window. The page will read ‘Add Page Element’. Select the blog in which you want to add the widget, you can give a title of your choice, and click ‘Add Widget’.

9.       Arrange the position of your widget in blogger ‘Layout’

After you have added the widget, your blogger dashboard will appear, in the dashboard go to ‘Layout’, position the Widget wherever you like and click ‘Save Arrangement’.

10.   View your blog!

So hopefully, once you have followed these steps carefully, your rating scale should appear on your blog. If it does appear, then CONGRATULATIONS!!

Hope this helps. If you like my tutorial please gives constructive feedback so that I can make more of these and help someone who is in need! Don’t forget to Like and share. Also Subscribe to my website to stay updated about all the awesome things I post on my website J Enjoy..


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