Resume Of a Father

Resume of a Father

When I started searching my partner for life, I always wanted a guy who would be great with children. Believe it or not, the girls out there would want someone who can in the future make a great father. It could become the reason why women fall in love with their spouse/ significant other all over again.

Being a mother for 15 months now, I can tell that the only thing that makes me smile, in the midst of all the crazy hustle bustle of my day to day drama, is when I see my husband and my LO (little one) play, laugh and make mischief together. This bond spreads all the love in our small family.

The question here would be, how would you know if the guy you are considering is good father material? Well there are some signs you may notice way before having children of your own! Let’s see what the resume should have.

1. The Mischief Maker:

If your partner is always up to a prank, or is into pulling-the-leg- business, chances are they will turn out to be great with children. Children love pranks and if the father is the partner in crime, who else do you need?

2. The Talkative One:

If you have noticed, all your child needs is undivided attention and someone who talks to them like adults. Now, it doesn’t matter how old the child is here, even as young as a 4 months old will listen to whatever you are saying. It is more fun if they understand or reply. A talkative father will be a baby’s best pastime and a child’s best friend.

3. The Spontaneous One:

The more spontaneous the father, the better it is for the happiness of the child. Children are known for their ‘anytime-anything-demands’. Thus, if a father is able to fulfill those demands in the moment, then you’ll have a happy child. If they aren’t up for it then God bless the parents. In such time, a father who will take mid-night strolls with the child (if need be), will be a plus. Of course, we all know which demands to fulfill and which need to be refused, we don’t want to pamper our children more than they already are!

4. The One with the Contagious Laughter:

Laughter is the best medicine! It works for everyone. So if your partner is someone who laughs and the room laughs with him, then, Bingo! This person will be so handy while parenting. Every time my husband laughs, my daughter is sure to laugh with him, it makes her forget that she was hurt or distressed or crying. That helps to divert her mind from whatever was bothering her.

5. The Cautious One:

If your partner is all the time careful and cautious at every step in life, it might seem a little unappealing when you are ‘Young and Restless’, but in the long run you would want someone just like that to be around your children. Someone, who is there to catch them when they fall, be alert, know the course of action and foresee the issues, is required.

Women by all means have the above qualities; all I am saying is that if the guy has them, then the potential mother can sit back and relax. So all you girls out there, a little future planning won’t hurt, would it? ;)

All you beautiful readers! Do leave your comments in the comment section below. If you know of any more qualities I’d love to hear them. If you enjoyed reading; please follow, share and like my blog. 


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