Top 5 Things Mumbai Taught Me

5 Things Mumbai Teaches Us

We have always heard of the phrase “Home Is Where the Heart Is”, but how do you determine where to locate that! It is simple. If you keep comparing your favourite place to everything you see, everywhere you go and everyone you meet then you know that no other place is good enough for you. Every city has an aura to it, and every place you live in has something to teach you. So I am a Mumbaikar and very proudly so. No matter how much I try I cannot shake the bond I have with the city. I know there are so many things written about this magical but busy city, but I feel I can contribute significantly to the lot. Let me try by focusing on the skills Mumbai teaches us.

1. The World Famous Potholes:

These Mumbai potholes have made their mark on the world. It wasn’t long ago that they were all over the news with a viral video to the subject. These have become an integral part of the city. They are so many that they have outnumbered the population in Mumbai.
But what do they teach us? Being Alert, just like in a video game; you have to jump the hurdles and save yourself. Only this is much worse, in the game if you die you get another life, but if you get a splash from the potholes on the way to office, you won’t get another change of clothes. So being alert and having presence of mind is your only option.

2. The Virar Local (Fast):

You must have heard about the crowd in these Virar- Churchgate local trains. These local trains are so packed that you can easily smell the fragrance mixed with sweat from your co-traveller’s neck without any effort. And imagine that smell (or stink) mixed with hundreds of such smells. It might sound disgusting to describe, but in the moment you’ll be grateful that you can breathe and haven’t suffocated already. Just for fun, add rain soaked wet travellers to your imagination ;)
If we change out viewpoint, , the local train help you to understand the concept of endurance and tolerance. When the train is moving and you have a stranger standing in your personal space, your only option here is to tolerate! You cannot break out in a fist fight. This leads us to learn civility. Let us not consider the verbal fights that we witness time and again (at least there is no bloodshed).

3. The Traffic!!

That is the most sensational thing in Mumbai. The city may be inconsistent for a lot of things, one thing that that keeps it consistent is the vehicle traffic. Now, I do not know whether the roads are small or the vehicles are too many, or there are no regulations. All I know is that Mumbaikars have the freedom of action and you can see that evidently on the roads. no one can stop you!
But what you must also know, that these road jams inculcate Mumbaikars with super skills of patience (they also teach children swear words, but let’s not go there). If you make it through the traffic jam, you’ll make it through any situation in life. They also contribute to fitness and exercise, in case of emergencies people leave their public transport and start walking. So it is a blessing in disguise!

4. Infamous street food:

When I say street food, I am already salivating, it is that yum! Pani puri, vada pav, ragta chaat and the list is unending. The pizzas and burgers that we eat in Amreeca don’t even come second to it.  The fact is, we all know that it is unhealthy..unhygienic..unfit.. and blah blah blah...but we still eat it anyway. But what you must know, these food habits make our immunity like Bahubali’s. If you can digest the dirt mixed street food, then you can eat anything else in the world like a boss!! If you have good immunity, you’ll have a good life. That is Mumbai’s way of taking care of you.

5. (Anti) Public Transport

Everytime a mumbaikar (who use auto/cabs) walks out of the house, they wonderwhether or not they will get a ride to commute. Here the question is not about the money, it is about an individual’s right to choose. Your Auto/Taxi driver reserves all the rights to make a decision between, giving the helpless mumbaikar a ride or simply sitting there chewing their Paan. But what you must know, these cabbies teach you the art of convincing (or begging) and above all the skill of perseverance, because we always ask them multiple times. If they are convinced to give you a ride, then celebrate, because you have mastered you skills.

I love Mumbai, and not for the big things, but for these little set of skills it has taught me. If you have come this far reading this article, don’t leave without sharing your experiences and thoughts in the comments section below. From where ever you belong I would like to know what your city taught you.

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  1. Hahhahah good one!! Absolutely true

  2. Good write-up, but as a Mumbai lover, I found this a bit negative publicity, although all are true. For me, Mumbai is a place where u can get what you want with only and only with hard work,

  3. Good write-up, but as a Mumbai lover, I found this a bit negative publicity, although all are true. For me, Mumbai is a place where u can get what you want with only and only with hard work,

    1. Hello Debadrita,
      Thanks for your valuable feedback! I am glad you liked the write-up.
      As for the negativity is concerned it is all written in the spirit of sarcasm and humor.
      but hey ! Really appreciate your time. Keep Reading :)

  4. Replies
    1. Hello Shrutee,
      Thanks alot, glad I could spread some laughter :)


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