Be the Change You Want to See!

When I open the news app on my smart phone,
My heart gets shattered
My faith is torn

The stories are horrific
I cannot digest
Teenagers commit suicide
Coz a blue whale suggests!

Innocent little girls were assaulted and killed
That became our routine information
But innocent little boys are getting in line
It's not about gender and sexuality
It is all about education

Helpless women harassed and raped
And all those criminals have successfully escaped
Where are the heroes masked and caped?
Do they exist; or are they fake?
Just like our government
The one we make!

Streets aren't safe after sunset
But dint a husband kill his wife at home?
School is a step to upliftment
What about the dead boy on the washroom floor?

They killed a poor man because of his religion
They killed another because of his region
They killed a woman for being just a woman
They killed another because she was fighting for the right summon

Look inside and find a hero
Yes! you have one deep within
Bring him out it is about time
Ask him where he has been

When the fire was blazed and the blood was shed
When little children screamed to death
When women were silenced after lights out
When little by little we all became numb

Let your hero be released
Plead him to make a change
If not now, then when?
If not you, then who?
Do it before it is too late
Do it before your hero is seized
Be the change you want to see!


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