How to Add Social Media Icons to Blogger

Your blog is all set up and you are on track with writing your posts and publishing them on social media. You are marketing on various media platforms in an attempt for your posts to get visibility. But how will people know you are alive in those platforms? That is when these social media icons come in! Become so much a part of your blogging world that you will barely see any websites without them.

These icons are generally linked to your social media pages/profiles. This feature enables your readers to follow you and keep and update of your posts on the platform of their choice.

While it can be complicated and scary to dive into the core coding for getting this crucial feature on your blog, it does not have to be. I have tried and tested a few methods, but the one I am about to teach is THE simplest of all. So without any further hesitation let me show you 'How to Add Social Media Icons to Blogger'.

1. Keep the icons ready

You can either create your own customized Social media icons, or download ready-made. For my icons I have used, where they give many variant options to choose from. You can also choose from the size options while downloading. Before starting, make sure your icons are ready. 
2. Create a new page in blogger

Once your icons are finalized and ready; Log in your blogger dashboard. Go to ‘Pages’ and create a ‘New Page’. Give a unique title to this page, because it is important that you do not publish this page by mistake. So I have named it ‘Do not publish’.

3. Insert the icon images in the page

In your new page insert the icon images that you have chosen in the first step. Place the icons the way you want them to appear on your website. Save the page!

4. Switch to HTML view

Now if you look at the right hand corner of the page body, you will see two buttons HTML and Compose. You will be in the compose view, switch to HTML. Once you have changed the view, you will see the HTML code for the icons you just inserted.

5. Go to layout

Once you have seen the HTML code. Save the page. Open the layout section of your blogger dashboard, in a new window. Opening this in a new window makes the copy pasting easy.

6. Add a gadget and Select HTML/JavaScript

Click on add a gadget.

A window with various gadget options will open; select HTML/JavaScript from those. Click on the plus button on the right hand corner.

7. Copy and paste the HTML code

Go back to your new page. Copy the HTML code from the body of the page.

Go back to your new gadget. Paste the code in the ‘Content’ section. You can skip the title. Click ‘Save’.

8. Place the gadget in position

Drag and place the new gadget in your layout, keeping the final website appearance in mind.

You all set!!!

You will see your social media icons on your blog; provided you have followed these steps accurately.

How was your experience trying to add social media icons in your website?? share your feedback in the comment section below 😊


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