This poem is written after the Las Vegas shooting when more than 50 harmless and free spirited people were shot dead and so many more injured. My heart aches to think about the rise in terrorism in our world. Be it any faith or religion, white, black or brown I condemn these acts and pray for world peace!

In the name of faith
They kill a mass of innocents
For the sake of hate
They do things that are inhuman

They shoot for fun
Then leave the mess
It’s like red paint for them
The blood that is shed

Mercilessly snatching clothes from the covered
And not covering the still and cold
What in the name of god!
Ruthlessness unfolds

Humans we are and humans can be racist
But devil has a new name
He is now called terrorist

So I wonder if these “people” have a heart or a soul.
Do they feel pain or are they made of stone?
Does it hurt when their blood is flown?
Do they scream if they chip a nail?
Do they fall sick and need someone to hold?

If yes, then why???

Then why can’t they see the tears of the helpless
Why can’t they hear the pleas of the victim?
Why they don’t shudder when they pull the trigger
Why they don’t fear God, for whom they cross the lines of saneness!

Think about it!
Is it ok to blame an entire tribe for this cruelty
Coz I don’t meet murderers everyday...
Is it ok to spread the hatred?
Coz eye for an eye they say!

I can’t go through with this,
I can’t be mean to random people in the stores
My humanity is still alive within me...

The question is... is yours?


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