Quick Tips to Confidence

Confidence is your food for surviving this brutally judgmental society. When giving advice we always talk about how it is wrong to judge and generalize, and we have no trouble lecturing someone on morality!

But let's face it. We all judge, we all cross our line and compare another individual with our own bar of expectations...

In this scenario...it becomes our necessity to make our mark and leave an impact...not to please someone but only to be barely visible…
So if you are struggling with visibility, be it in a performance or in your everyday life, I will not tell you that it's okay, I am going to help you deal with it with confidence.

Eye contact:

Personally I hate it when someone does not look at me when I am talking to them.. that is when I start to judge...it is possible that you cannot make eye contact because you are not comfortable or just conscious about yourself. But for me often it comes off as just disrespectful.

So if you are not making eye contact with the person who is talking to you or vice versa...now is a good time to give it a thought...when you don't make eye contact, maybe you don't mean to offend someone but you might end up giving that impression. This impression can be worth something to you. So if you want to show someone that you are confident, show them with your eyes. Just like beauty, confidence also lies in the eyes of the beholder!

Your Posture:

You might read this everywhere that your posture is very important for appearing confident. Stand tall, shoulders back, chin up etc etc... But in an event where you have performance pressure these can be hard to remember. But I believe the fidgetiness takes all the credit of a bad posture. So if you are shaking your leg, swinging side to side, using too many hand gestures, then, you will give away your weakness. Be comfortable in your own skin and show that off to the world. That is when your confidence will show.

Verbal Communication:

While making an impression, a lot depends on what you say and how you say it. So if you are an expert on your subject, but you are not talking in a loud and clear tone, then possibly it could leave the opposite impact on your listeners.
Speaking too softly, too slowly or too fast are all a no-no.
Talk as if you are talking to a colleague or a friend. Also, think before you speak.

Polish your Strengths and be Optimistic:

List your strengths and work on them. Don't give up or settle on your strengths. These will set you apart from the rest. You will feel more confident in your area of expertise.
Optimism is nothing but positive thinking. Think about how you can do better in any endeavor of life. Don't beat yourself up if you didn't do well in the past. There will always be a next time. Tell yourself that you can do it!

Find your Role Model:

Find someone who you admire for their confidence. Ask yourself whether you want to be like them. If yes, then learn from them and strive to accomplish your goal. Try to get in touch with them in any way. Make sure you pick all their good qualities only.  This might boost your ego and you might discover the confidence within you.

So I would conclude by saying that all you need to get through in this world is confidence and confidence alone. They say that even if you make a mistake; make it with confidence so that nobody notices. Wear your confidence like your favorite outfit; it is your prized possession. And always remember that, you are one of a kind, there is no one like you. And also remember, nobody except you knows that you lack confidence 😉

Do you have some tips that work for your confidence? leave your responses in comments below :)


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