Introvert's Guide to AVOID 'Small Talk' (or any interaction whatsoever)

In my last article, we already covered introvert's guide to small talk. Those were helpful and easy and all great. But, what if you just want to skip that small talk all together? Or simply any kind of interaction whatsoever!

 Not to be rude, but introverts hate small talk. Often they are victims of the awkward world of social gatherings, where someone or the other will try to approach/ introduce them to someone new. What many people don't understand is, that introverts DO NOT need someone to talk; they are so comfortable without knowing new people.

 Introverts are just normal people who prefer staying indoors rather than partying outside. They go by the rule, two is company three (or more) is too much crowd. For most introverts, the world would be a better place if everyone was left in their room to read a good book!

This article is related to my last article, but with a twist! I am going to give you some really easy tricks to avoid small talk without offending someone!

 So here goes...

1. Our phone our Savior

This is easy in the present scenario, because introvert or not everyone is anyway glued to their phones. So it is no big deal if you use this little 'time-waster’ for an actual purpose. Your goal here is to avoid small talk, if you look busy on your phone or simply don't make eye contact with people, then you are less likely to attract small talking acquaintances. Make sure you have enough battery in your phone and that you are doing more than Candy crush!!

2. Catch a Corner

Catch a corner and make it yours, you can try a corner where the public is less likely to stumble. Or rather a corner where no one can see that you are sitting by yourself, if someone sees you; they will come and ask you why you are sitting alone! (Over caring people, I tell you).

Therefore it is important to choose your location well. A good idea would a place where the kids are playing, the kids don't care if you are there or not and the adults generally don't interfere when the kids are playing by themselves, because they deserve that break!! (Says every parent ever).

3. Become Responsible

If you are in a close family gathering, and you are sure no one will let you be alone, then take up a responsibility. Any work that will keep you busy, and away from the crowd. Take as much time as you can to finish the task. This way you become the 'good person’, but also BULL'S EYE! you don't have to deal with unnecessary small talk anymore.

4. I'd love to chat, but…

Just like we discussed a few questions in 'Introvert's Guide to ‘Small Talk’, which you can use to get talking. There can be some statements that can be used to get out of talking as well. Statements like, “I’d love to chat, but I need to check on something”, “I will get back to you as soon as ……”, “this is bad timing, but I have to…..”. And there can be so many more. What you need to remember is that you must not offend anyone. These things need to be delivered politely; otherwise you might hurt someone's feelings. You are an Introvert not Grumpy Bear!!

5. Go out to run an Urgent Errand

If you have forgotten something, hit the road and get it. This will give you a clean chit to move out of the event. Also, if someone else has forgotten anything, and they need it urgently, volunteer to help. This will help you and them both!

6. Sit with a Big Group

This I have used a lot. Every time I sit with a huge chatty group, where everyone is super excited and jovial, I don't have to say anything! And neither does anyone say anything to me. Now I doubt they even notice me sitting there, but I don't mind! Nobody approaches the quiet one in the super noisy groups. People just assume everyone is talking. If you are a talented introvert like me, you have to take advantage of this particular situation. It works Each. And. Every. Time.

My conclusion here is simple. If you hate small talk then why do it anyway? Yes, it is a demand by our pretentious society, but once in awhile (or perhaps more than that), you can get out of it!
I'm guilty of using all of these methods, because the world does not understand an introvert as yet. It's time that we just accept and embrace this quiet but astounding personality type!

Have you tried to get away from small talk? Share your experiences, I’d love to know!!

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